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S Adam Day - Image Copyright 2017I, S. Adam Day, upon my election as the County Clerk of Ochiltree County, Texas pledge to all of the citizens of Ochiltree County to serve them according to the following principles.

S. Adam Day, Candidate for County Clerk
Ochiltree County, Texas

1. Elected officials are servants of the people.

--I will promote an environment of excellent customer service. Serving the citizens is an honor granted to elected officials by those to whom they serve.

2. The actions of elected officials are transparent and beyond reproach.

--I will continue the excellent tradtions of previous clerks to create an environment of transparency that will eliminate the possibility of actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

3. County Governance will always function as fiscally responsible.

--I will strive to be a conservative voice for the residents of Ochiltree County during these tough economic times, while maintaining the excellent standards of the office.

On March 6th , 2018, the citizens of Ochiltree county will have the sacred responsibility of selecting those who will lead this county into the next decade.

Therefore, I, S. Adam Day, Pledge to you the people of Ochiltree County, that I will work every day to implement the policies pledged here today. These actions will result in a renewal of trust, and unity deserving of the people of Ochiltree county.

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